Custom Walnut Wood Shelving in San Francisco, California for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017

This Industrial Style Kitchen was Designed by Jon De La Cruz in California
These Custom Walnut Wood Shelves Were Made for an Open Pantry Design in California
These Custom Wood Shelves Were Custom Made for an Open Pantry in San Francisco, California
Custom Wood Shelving Provides an Organized Storage Solution for Kitchens and Pantries
Custom Wood Shelving Built for Storage and Baking Products for a Kitchen in California
Custom Walnut Wood Shelving with Engraving on the Front Edge for an Open Kitchen Pantry
Custom Walnut Wood Shelves Built for a Kitchen in San Francisco, California

Summary or notes:
Wood shelves are often designed for use as open shelving because their open nature makes a space feel larger. Open wood shelves are a great substitution for traditional closed cabinets. Another popular design option is to use wood shelves for cabinets with glass doors. The shelves act as a beautiful backdrop to display dishes and other items. Read more about the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 Design here.

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