Teak Wood Countertop with undermount sink

Teak Wood Countertop, PA

Teak Wood Countertop, PA

Teak Wood Countertop in Pennsylvania

Summary or notes:
The sink is a Blanco Niagara Double Bowl #440160 with a Blanco Meridian 1.8 Semi-Pro Faucet#440558. The Backsplash is Satchmo Sticks BB Blue GJGSSBBB, Artistic Tile. The Grout is Warm Grey, #93 Sanded and the cabinet was custom designed for this photo shoot. The color of this teak wood countertop is enhanced by the polished Steel Blanco Sink. This particular piece was made from Burmese Teak. Only Burmese Teak has natural water repellent properties. Many companies offer Teak products, however only Burmese Teak has the natural water repellency most clients’ desire. There are other types of teak, for example, Grothouse offers Plantation Teak. Plantation Teak is beautiful and a properly managed wood resource however, it just does not have the repellency that Teak is known for. The countertop pictured on this page is coated with our food grade oil finish. This finish is suitable for direct chopping and is so safe it is edible. Our food grade oil finish is hypoallergenic and does not contain nut oils that can cause allergic reactions. Grothouse seals all sink openings with proprietary methods that assures you a wood countertop with a lifetime of worry free use.

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