Custom Walnut Wood Countertop Kitchen Island in New Orleans Louisiana

Custom Walnut Wood Kitchen Island
Walnut Wood Countertop in New Orleans, Louisiana
Walnut Wood Countertop in Louisiana

Summary or notes:
This traditional kitchen evokes southern charm. The traditional cabinetry is distressed and glazed, creating a timeless appeal. The kitchen island has architectural columns and the grand dimensions are enhanced by the expanded corners of the wood countertop. The custom Walnut wood countertop is treated with food grade oil finish, safe for direct chopping and so safe you can drink it. The food grade oil provides a matte finish and the wood develops a deep patina after frequent oiling. This countertop can be used for direct chopping, perfect for whipping up a batch of that southern classic dish crawfish etouffee. The island is a testimony for the amount of additional storage possible in a kitchen island. Drawers can store cutlery or table linens and the book shelves keep cook books at your fingertips.

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