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Iroko Countertops

Iroko Countertops

Apr 9, 2014

Iroko Countertops are often used as a substitute for Teak Countertops. They are extremely light in color when initially manufactured, but quickly darken to a honey brown color.

Iroko Wood Countertops crafted by Grothouse

Iroko Wood Countertops custom crafted by Grothouse

Iroko Countertops | Constructions

Iroko Countertops can be made in End Grain Construction (also known as Butcher Block), Edge Grain Construction, and Flat Grain Construction (also known as Wide Plank).

Pictured below is an Iroko Countertop made in End Grain Construction. This Iroko Butcher Block compliments the black cabinetry and adds character to the kitchen island. It is 4 inches thick and has a 1/8″ Roundover Edge Profile on the top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges, and vertical corners. This butcher block is protected with the Grothouse Original Oil™.

Iroko Countertops Picture

Iroko Butcher Block Countertop

Here are more examples of Iroko Countertops made in End Grain Construction.

Image of an Iroko Butcher Block

Iroko Butcher Block

Photo of an Iroko Butcherblock

Iroko Butcherblock Countertop

Iroko Countertops can also be made in Edge Grain Construction. Pictured below is an Edge Grain Iroko Wood Countertop. This wood countertop was designed for this transitional kitchen by Past Basket Design. It has a 1/8″ Roundover Edge Profile on the Top Horizontal Edges and Bottom Horizontal Edges, and a 3/4″ Radius on the Vertical Corners. This countertop was designed so that the grain runs in one direction.

Iroko Wood Countertop design for transitional kitchen by Past Basket Design

Iroko Wood Countertop designed by Past Basket Design

Photo of Iroko Countertops designed by Past Basket Design

Iroko Wood Countertop designed by Past Basket Design

Iroko Countertops can also be made in Flat Grain Construction. Pictured below are a few Flat Grain Iroko Wood Counters.

Iroko wood counter made in flat grain construction

Iroko Wood Counter

Iroko Countertops Photos

Iroko Wood Counter

Iroko Wood Flat Grain Counter Photo

Iroko Wood Counter

Iroko Countertops | Features and Reviews

In the April 2008 edition of Kitchen & Bath Business magazine, a large Iroko Wood Island Countertop manufactured by Grothouse was featured. The countertop included an undermount sink and a Medium Roman Ogee Edge Profile. This countertop was designed by Kitchens by Design. Read more about this wood countertop.

A customer in Longwood, Florida received her Iroko Wood Countertop for her kitchen island and wrote,

“Dear Grothouse Lumber, I spoke with Paul Grothouse last week to tell him how pleased we are with our Iroko island top. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job for us!”

Another customer in Summit, New Jersey received her Iroko Butcher Block and found out that her butcher block was in production when Norm Abram of This Old House® filmed a tour of the Grothouse shop. This butcher block became famous for its “cameo” appearance on the This Old House® Television Show.

Iroko Countertops | Facts

Iroko originated in Africa. It is also known as Kambala, Lusanga, Moreira, Rokko, Odum, and African Teak. Iroko is for ply wood, wall paneling, decorative veneer, boat and ship construction, and other marine work. In the 1990’s it was used for a part of the Txalaparta. Txalaparta is a basque musical instrument made of wooden boards.

More information about Iroko Countertops can be found in the Countertop Design Guide.