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Kratos Copper Countertops

Kratos Copper Countertops

Jun 15, 2016

Anvil™ Kratos Copper Countertops

Anvil™ Kratos Countertops

The Anvil™ line of wood surfaces imitate metal countertops in look and function. The Anvil™ Kratos finish is similar to a copper-like finish. Just like real metal countertops, Kratos copper countertops oxidize and tarnish over time, giving them a unique patina with hints of red, green, and brown.

Kratos Copper Countertops

Kratos Countertops have a unique patina with hints of red, green, and brown.

Designing Kratos Copper Countertops

Kratos countertops offer are distinctive in old world charm and a characterful appearance, and tend to be quite a conversation piece. They are typically popular in traditional style spaces, but can be custom designed to fit any space in your home.

Kratos Copper Countertops by Grothouse

Kratos countertops can include any of our custom features.

Kratos countertops can feature any of our countertop edge profiles and our countertop options. Laser engraving is one of the most common options because it allows you to add a personal touch to your copper-like countertop.

If a designer wishes to keep the surface looking pristine, Anvil™ surfaces can be over coated with our exclusive Durata® finish.

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