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Magnum Brass Countertops

Magnum Brass Countertops

Jul 6, 2016

Anvil™ Magnum Brass Countertops

Anvil™ Magnum Countertops

The Anvil™ Magnum finish is made of real metal particles that result in a brass-like countertop appearance. Magnum brass countertops are appearing to be the most popular out of our eight options available since our recent introduction of Anvil™ metal countertops.

Designing Magnum Brass Countertops

Magnum countertops are identical to real brass countertops in look, but embrace the benefits of wood countertops. Some of the many benefits of Magnum countertops is that they are warm to the touch, can be used in curved applications and complex shapes, can feature any Grothouse edge profile, and can include any of our custom options.

Because of their design flexibility, Magnum countertops can be custom crafted for any style space in your home. The Magnum finish is made of real metal particles and as a result the countertops can develop a patina overtime that adds to the character and charm of the surface. If you would like to keep the countertop looking pristine, it can be sealed with our Durata® waterproof and permanent finish.

The Anvil™ Magnum finish can be applied to any wood specie or an exterior substrate for outdoor use. Below is the Magnum finish on a Reclaimed Oak wood counter.

Magnum brass countertops Finish on Reclaimed Oak Wood

Magnum Finish on Reclaimed Oak

The Magnum metal finish can be applied to the entire countertop, or it can be applied as an accent. Below is a Bubinga wood counter with a Magnum finished edge.

Magnum brass countertops edge

Bubinga Wood Counter with Magnum Finished Edge

Designs including Magnum Countertops

Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry included a Magnum countertop in their display at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2016. The countertop featured a Miele cook top.

Magnum brass countertops with cook tops

Magnum countertop designed by Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry also included a Magnum countertop in their display at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2016. This countertop featured laser engraving of the Grothouse logo.

Magnum brass countertops with laser engraving

Magnum countertop designed by Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

Learn more about the Anvil™ line of metal countertops by clicking here. For more design inspiration with Magnum brass countertops, visit our Countertop Image Library.

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