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Maple Wood Countertops

Maple Wood Countertops

Jul 9, 2014

Grothouse Maple Wood Countertops are extremely popular in today’s kitchens. Maple is one of the most commonly used woods to craft wood countertop surfaces. It has an excellent resistance to abrasion and wear. Maple Wood Countertops are typically light in color, ranging from a light tan to a light yellow. Designers often use Maple Wood Countertops in kitchens because their color is easily matched with anything. Also, they are very easy to incorporate into any design.

Maple Wood Countertops

Maple Wood Countertops by Grothouse

Maple Wood Countertops | Design

Maple Wood Countertops can be constructed in any of the three construction styles available at Grothouse: Flat Grain, Edge Grain, or End Grain. The construction style you choose for your Maple Wood Countertop should depend on your intended use for the countertop.

The Maple Wood Countertop pictured below was crafted in Flat Grain Construction. Flat Grain countertops are generally preferred for a fine furniture aesthetic surface. This countertop includes Breadboard Ends and an undermount sink. It was crafted and designed to match the transitional style of the kitchen. This kitchen was designed by Greenfield Custom Cabinetry.

Custom Maple Wood Countertops by Grothouse

Flat Grain Maple Wood Counter

Maple Wood Countertops can also be crafted in Edge Grain construction. This style of wood countertop construction is very stable and makes a great surface.

The Edge Grain Maple Wood Countertop pictured below was designed by Chris Greenawalt of Bunker Workshop. This countertop was crafted and designed to match the Transitional Modern style of the kitchen. It includes an undermount sink and a stove top.

Custom Maple Wood Countertops in Transitional Modern Kitchen

Edge Grain Maple Wood Countertop

Maple Wood Countertops can also be crafted in End Grain construction. Wood Countertops crafted in End Grain construction are typically referred to as Butcher Blocks or Butcher Block Countertops. End grain construction is the premium construction style and our recommended surface for direct food preparation.

The Maple Butcher Block Countertop pictured below was designed to fit the Traditional Kitchen style. This traditional kitchen is perfect for any chef because it includes double ovens, a large cook top, and the chopping block flanking the island. All of these components make cooking a breeze. This kitchen was designed by Leslie DeShaver in Dallas, Texas.

Maple Butcher Block Countertops

End Grain Maple Butcher Block Countertop

Maple Wood Countertops | Customer Review

Grothouse has received numerous amounts of positive Customer Reviews regarding Maple Wood Countertops. Bob and Kathy from Boca Raton, Florida designed this Traditional Kitchen and included Grothouse Maple Wood Countertops.

“Denise, Thanks for the kind words! We’d be honored to be included among the beautifully crafted examples in your gallery of work. My wife Kathy and I have operated a home personalizing business in South Florida for almost 40 years and are now in the process of retiring. She’s waited 25 years for her “House Captains kitchen” but fortunately we’ve been too busy to spare the people to take care of our own needs. It’s been such fun showing off the new maple counter tops and watching people feel and “pet” the incredibly smooth finish of our Grothouse tops. As soon as we decide whether to use leaded glass compositions or pewter lattice over clear class in the three open upper cabinet doors we’ll have some better photography to pass along to you. We are absolutely thrilled with the superb quality of the products you delivered to us.”

Below is a picture of Bob and Kathy’s kitchen. Grothouse is honored to receive such a wonderful review and to be included in their House Captains kitchen.

Maple Wood Countertops Review

Maple Wood Countertops Review

To learn more about Bob and Kathy’s kitchen, read our previous blog post http://wood-countertop.glumber.com/custom-wood-countertops-house-captains/

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