Medallion Bronze Countertops

Aug 24, 2016

Anvil Medallion Bronze Countertops

Anvil™ Medallion Bronze Countertops

The Anvil™ Medallion finish emulates the appearance of real bronze countertops. Medallion Bronze Countertops evince a powerful presence in any space.

Bronze is often used in kitchen designs as accents and focal points. It has been used for range hoods, cabinetry hardware, back splashes, sinks, faucets, corbels, and much more. Countertops gilded with the Medallion metal finish become the focal point of the kitchen, or any room, they are designed for.

Medallion Bronze Countertops Finish

Anvil™ Medallion Metal Finish

Designing Medallion Bronze Countertops

The Anvil™ Medallion metal finish can be applied to a solid wood countertop or a composite substrate. When applied to a composite substrate, Medallion countertops are suitable for outdoor use.

Because they are not made out of real metal, Medallion countertops can be manufactured to fit any space. They can be designed to exact specifications of complex curves, shapes, and sizes.

Medallion bronze countertops edges

Medallion countertops can feature any edge profile.

Medallion countertops can include any of our decorative edge profiles. Edge profiles do not have to be applied as pictured. You can create a truly unique edge by flipping the profile upside down. Our on-staff engineers will help you design a custom edge if there is something more particular you would like.

They can also include any custom feature, like an integrated bowl, laser engraving of any design, expanded corners, and much more.

Medallion countertops can include a topcoat of our exclusive Durata® Waterproof and Permanent Finish.

The Medallion finish is one of eight metal coatings available in our Anvil™ line of metal countertops. You can read more about them by visiting this page on our website. To see designs with Medallion Bronze Countertops, take a look at our Countertop Image Library.

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