Grothouse Moveable Butcher Block Kitchen Carts

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As a purveyor of exceptional quality kitchen countertops and custom surfaces, Grothouse is proud to offer a new option for your kitchen. The Grothouse Moveable Butcher Block Kitchen Cart is an artisan-crafted portable wood surface perfect for chefs and everyday use.

Natural beauty

Your Grothouse butcher block is hand-crafted from your choice of wood, each with its own unique character and elegance. You can choose from several varieties to complement the aesthetic of your kitchen. For example, we offer Cherry, Beech, or Maple if you prefer a bright and sunny tone. For a darker, more exotic look, you can go with a Walnut, Sapele Mahogany, or Zebrawood. Check out all the options here.

Knife-friendly surface

Butcher block counters are a favorite among chefs, who value these surfaces for keeping knives sharp. A separate cutting board must be used with traditional surfaces, increasing clutter and prolonging clean-up. Knives easily slide between the grains of our butcher blocks, protecting the blade from damage.


Butcher blocks are a favorite among culinary experts, because of the surface’sself-healing ability and durability. Grothouse Moveable Butcher Block Kitchen Carts are built to last, with a sturdy wood frame and lasting butcher block top. The secret to butcher block’s reputation for longevity is the ability to sand and refinish the surface every few years. With occasional sanding and re-oiling, your Grothouse Butcher Block Kitchen Cart can maintain its natural beauty for many years to come.


Grothouse wood countertops are well known as an environmentally friendly option but don’t take it from us. In the Whole Green Catalog: 1000 Best Things for You and the Earth, Grothouse’s wood surfaces are described as “the original green countertop.” This recognition reflects our commitment to sustainable practices in sourcing our wood and how we use it.

Versatility and portability

Whether you are a professional chef or just someone who loves cooking meals for friends and family, the Grothouse Moveable Butcher Block Kitchen Cart offers the ultimate versatility and portability. With built-in storage and heavy-duty casters, your kitchen cart is designed to be what you need, where you need it.

When you order your Grothouse Moveable Butcher Block Kitchen Cart, you can choose from several custom options, such as integrated trivets, knife blocks, and trash holes.

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A great example of Grothouse’s Moveable Butcher Block Kitchen Cart was recently featured in House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year. We designed a custom cart for Tyler Florence with a custom knife slot, drawers, and heavy-duty casters.

Contact us today if you’d like to add a Grothouse Moveable Butcher Block Kitchen Cart to your kitchen!