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Percent of Kitchen Remodeling Budgets Spent on Countertops

Percent of Kitchen Remodeling Budgets Spent on Countertops

Aug 7, 2019

The percent of kitchen remodeling budgets spent on countertops is increasing, with less expensive materials trending downward as homeowners look to designers to help them select countertops that will be both durable and beautiful. Kitchen & Bath Design News conducted a survey that polled more than 220 kitchen and bath dealers and designers about how countertops fit into their clients’ overall project budgets.

According to the survey results, the value of countertops can be seen in consumers’ increasing willingness to invest in these materials. To that end, more than half of those polled invest 10-20% of their clients’ kitchen budget (55.9%) in countertops, with another 29.1% saying that countertops account for 20-40% of the project budget. Additionally, 7.3% note that their clients spend as much as 41-60% of their overall budget on the countertops (see Graph 5 below from KBDN).

Percent of Kitchen Remodeling Budgets Spent on Countertops

Image via Kitchen & Bath Design News

Homeowners’ willingness to invest in countertops might be related to their view that countertops add both beauty and function to the kitchen. When asked whether their clients were more interested in aesthetics or durability/function/ease of maintenance, more than three quarters of those polled (77.7%) said their clients valued both equally.

This survey also polled which countertop materials are currently trending. The results released that wood countertops have the second largest percentage of growing interest, at 31.7%. The countertop material with largest percentage of growing interest is quartz/quartzite, and with the current mixed surface materials trend, this makes total sense. Designers often pair wood countertops with quartz countertops to create the perfect combination.

Walnut Wood Counter Mixed with Quartzite Counter for a Large Kitchen Island in Michigan

Design by Todd Wiley, Tru Kitchens

Senior designer Todd Wiley of Tru Kitchens in Michigan designed this beautiful transitional kitchen pictured above to feature a large kitchen island. A custom Grothouse walnut wood counter was crafted for the seating area. The counter was constructed so that the grain of the wood runs in 126 3/8″ direction. The wood counter was rabbeted to overlap a quartzite countertop, designed for the remainder of the kitchen island.

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Source: Kitchen & Bath Design News

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