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Grothouse Releases New Pigmented Oils in Bianca™ and Nera™

Grothouse Releases New Pigmented Oils in Bianca™ and Nera™

Aug 26, 2022

August 24, 2022- Germansville, PA – Grothouse is proud to announce the expansion of their range of luxury finishing options with the new Pigmented Oil Finishes. The two exclusive finishes available in light and dark shades create a flat, “less than matte” finish providing an alternative to the popular Durata® waterproof finish.

Exclusive to Grothouse, the two finishes have been specially developed and tested by the Grothouse team. The new Bianca™ finish provides the washed-out, bleached aesthetic that is hugely popular among their clientele, and the Nera™ shade provides clients with a darker color option.

“All of ourwood products are highly customizable which makes them the perfect choice for designers whose clients require the ultimate in luxury details,” says owner Paul Grothouse. “We’ve been asked about alternatives to our Durata® finish and I was inspired by our design partners to create a unique, new product. Designers have unlimited options with the different looks these new finishes create.”

The two pigmented oil finishes provide an on-trend design option for clients who want to showcase the imperfections and intricacies of the natural wood grain with a lightened-up wood surface. These finishing options combine the natural look of wood with a timeless design aesthetic that can elevate any room.

Grothouse’s line of pigmented oil finishes can be used on any of the 60+ species of wood, with each variety creating a completely unique look. It can also be used on all three construction styles (end grain, edge grain, and flat grain) but is primarily recommended for use with flat or edge grain as it could produce a blotchy or inconsistent appearance when applied to end grains.

“The versatility of the pigmented finishes allows designers to use this product on any of our species of wood, including our exclusive collection of specially curated species. It’s food safe and will protect the wood for a lifetime with proper maintenance,” says Paul Grothouse.

The pigmented oils are also water resistant, making them an excellent choice for kitchen counters and other wood surfaces around water.

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