Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops

Mar 19, 2014

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Adding Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops to any space is recycling at its high end finest. Reclaimed wood is a green alternative to using newer generations of wood for countertops. It is endorsed by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops exhibit the natural historical aspects of the originality of the wood. The natural historical aspects convey character and create an extremely unique appearance.
Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertop Surface by Grothouse

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertop Surface by Grothouse

Designing | Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops take many forms at Grothouse. Clients have recycled them for use as vanity countertops, bar tops, kitchen counters and even planter boxes.

Pictured below is a Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Counter made in Flat Grain Construction to be used for kitchen countertops. This Reclaimed Wood Counter was designed by Classic Stone Works, Inc. The counter includes two mitered joints with pre-installed hidden hardware.

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Counters by Classic Stone Works, Inc.

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Counters designed by Classic Stone Works, Inc.

Reclaimed Chestnut wood countertops can also take form as a Pastore™ Waterfall countertop. The Reclaimed Chestnut Pastore™ Waterfall Countertop pictured below was designed by KDW HOME Kitchen Designworks. The countertop includes one undermount sink cutout, two faucet holes, and two mitered joints.

Reclaimed Chestnut Pastore Waterfall Counter by KDW HOME Kitchen Designworks

Reclaimed Chestnut Pastore Waterfall Countertop designed by KDW HOME Kitchen Designworks

As earlier stated, Reclaimed Chestnut Countertops take many forms at Grothouse, including bathroom vanities. The Kitchen Strand designed the Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Bathroom Vanity shown below. This countertop is made in Edge Grain Construction. The countertop is complimented with a Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Backsplash.

Reclaimed Chestnut Bathroom Vanity by The Kitchen Strand

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Bathroom Vanity designed by The Kitchen Strand

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops | Facts

Reclaimed Chestnut is the rarest reclaimed wood. Reclaimed Chestnut wood countertops by Grothouse are derived from dismantled antique Pennsylvania Barns.

Learn more about Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops and the other Reclaimed Wood Species available at Grothouse.

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