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Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Jun 14, 2012

Grothouse reclaimed wood countertops continue to be a popular and distinctive element in design. The warmth and aged appearance of reclaimed wood is unique to each piece, adding a treasured antique to the spaces it graces. While many may think of reclaimed wood as a product that is only for use in traditional designs, using it as a warm compliment to cool contemporary spaces is growing.

At Grothouse, our reclaimed wood is primarily from dismantled 18th and 19th century Pennsylvania barns and the character of each board varies based on the original use. The structural beams, sawn into boards are old growth lumber and have minor imperfections, albeit a few nail holes where a harness hung on a nail. In contrast, old floorboards have scrapes, gouges and holes from years of traffic and hardworking farm hands. Exterior boards tell a tale of weathering, worm holes, nails and an occasional bullet hole. When discussing reclaimed wood countertop for your design, a conversation about the desired appearance is critical for a successful result. For a cleaner appearance, select reclaimed wood from beams. For a distressed, worn appearance, choose reclaimed wood from the floor or walls of the barn.

Our reclaimed wood is typically Oak, Heart Pine and Chestnut and our Durata Matte is a popular finish for its organic low luster look. Durata is the best wood countertop finish, offering a truly permanent protective coating. For design inspiration visit us at reclaimed wood countertops or call 877-268-5412.

Reclaimed Wood Countertop

This counter was created from floor boards from an old barn.

Chestnut Wood Reclaimed Countertop

This countertop with a sink cut out was crafted from Antique Chestnut

Reclaimed Pennsylvania Barn Beams

A stack of Antique Pennsylvania Barn Beams