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Stained Wood Countertops

Stained Wood Countertops

Oct 8, 2014

Grothouse Stained Wood Countertops are unsurpassed for accuracy with a *Delta E of 0.5 or less of the desired color. Wood Countertops can be stained with a Grothouse stock stain, Custom stained to match a customer provided sample, or stained with a customer provided stain. 

Stained Wood Countertops

Stained Wood Countertops by Grothouse

Wood Countertops crafted in Flat Grain Construction and Edge Grain Construction can include a stain application. Countertops crafted in End Grain Construction, also referred to as Butcher Blocks, cannot include a stain application.

All Stained Wood Countertops manufactured by Grothouse are required to be sealed with our exclusive proprietary finish, Durata® Permanent Finish. Durata® is a maintenance-free finish that not only makes your countertop completely waterproof, but also resistant to chemicals.  

Stained Wood Countertops | Stock Stains

Stained Wood Countertops are designed in various ways. Grothouse offers over 40 Stock Stains and continue to add to our selection based on current trends and customer requests.

Leah Heinsius of Faralli Kitchen & Bath Design Studio designed the Ash Wood Countertop pictured below. Ash is naturally a light blonde color. The countertop was stained with our Stock Block Stain #05555 to look like Wenge. Wenge is naturally a dark brown, black color. Ash is a less expensive wood specie than Wenge, and staining allows the consumer to receive a countertop with a similar appearance without paying the price of Wenge. Staining also gives the consumer the ability to receive the color they desire for their countertop. 

Stained Wood Countertops by Grothouse

Ash Wood Countertop Stained to look like Wenge

Collaborative Interiors designed the Laundry Room space pictured below. The African Mahogany Wood Countertop was stained with our Stock Stain The Favorite #03012.

Stained Wood Countertops with Stock Stain

Stained Wood Countertop with Stock Stain

Stained Wood Countertops | Custom Stain Matching

Choosing a Stock Stain and Glaze combination is another popular option for wood countertops. However, wood countertops are not limited to Stock Stain Applications. Grothouse also offers Custom Stain Matching.

Wood Countertops can be Custom Stained to match any customer supplied sample. We use a color lab for all matches. Custom Stain Matches will be within a *Delta E of 0.5 or less.Below is a sample of a custom stain match with the original matched item.

Stained Wood Countertops to match original item

Custom Stain Match with the Original Item

Marino Kitchen & Bath designed the kitchen pictured below. The Cherry Wood Counters were Custom Stain Matched to the cabinetry in the kitchen. This Custom Stain Match also includes Glaze.


Custom Stained Wood Countertop to match the cabinetry, including Glaze

Elkay Manufacturing designed the Cherry Countertop for a display featured in their booth at KBIS 2014. This countertop was Custom Stained to match the cabinetry and includes Glaze.

Custom Stained Wood Countertops with Glaze to match cabinetry

Custom Stained Cherry Countertop to match cabinetry, includes Glaze

Stained Wood Countertops | Customer Supplied Stain

Customers can also provide Grothouse with a stain they wish to be applied to their Wood Countertop.

Kountry Kraft provided us with stain to be applied to the Cherry Wood Countertop shown below.

Stained Wood Countertops with Customer Provided Stain

Customer Provided Stain for Wood Countertop

Mary Jo Peterson designed the Walnut wood countertop shown below. This design was on display at the National Kitchen and Bath Show in New Orleans (KBIS 2013) in the Hafele Booth. The Customer supplied the stain for the wood countertop and matching wood backsplash.

Stained Wood Countertop with Customer Supplied Stain

Stained Wood Countertop and Backsplash with Customer Supplied Stain

Wood Countertops can be stained with a Grothouse stock stain, Custom stained to match a customer provided sample, or stained with a customer provided stain.  All Stained Wood Countertops manufactured by Grothouse will require a customer approved sample prior to production of the countertop. To see more Stained Wood Countertops, visit the Countertop Image Library.