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Teak Countertops

Teak Countertops

Dec 31, 2013

Grothouse Teak Countertops

Teak Countertops information on buying and designing

Teak Countertops are popular for use in kitchens and baths.  Not only are they beautiful, but one variety is known to contain natural waterproof properties. Tectona grandis is one of three species in the genus Tectona. It is the variety with natural water repellent properties and used on luxury yachts and areas of high humidity and moisture.  Other plantation teaks may have the visual characteristics of Tectona grandis, but they typically lack the water repellent properties. Here is more information on Grothouse Waterproof Teak http://www.glumber.com/wood-countertops-design-guide/wood-countertop-species-burmese-teak/

Cost of Teak Countertops

Teak Countertops are high in price, reflecting the cost of the coveted wood.  At Grothouse, our Planation Teak is carefully selected and sourced for quality and visual appearance from Plantations. Our authentic Teak is sourced from reliable suppliers that carefully sort and dry the wood to assure the highest quality finished product.  Beware of suppliers offering low cost teak as the wood can be inconsistent and visually unappealing. In addition, the lower cost teak typically does not have the desired water repellent properties. Expect authentic Teak Countertops to cost in the $150 to $250 per square foot range.

Designing with Teak Countertops

Teak countertops are often used in bathrooms for vanity tops and tub surrounds.  The gorgeous bathroom below, designed by Echelon Custom Homes has a Teak Tub Surround.

wood_bathroom_countertop_tub surround of teak

In kitchens, they are used for countertops containing sinks. They are often used as butcherblocks around sinks to serve as a  water repellent surface that is suitable for chopping and food preparation. The Teak Butcherblock pictured below was designed by Donna Venegas and a focal point of this kitchen featured on This Old House Television Show.

Teak Butcherblock Countertop featured on This Old House Television ShowAbout The Grothouse Lumber Company:

Established in 1994, the Grothouse Lumber Company has grown to become one of the most technically advanced and creative manufacturers in the wood surfaces market. Our custom-built wood countertops can be configured with  a myriad of available options, including 60+ wood species, and 30 edge profiles. Our specially-formulated Durata; permanent finish is one of the most durable and reliable protective coatings currently available on the market today.

Visit our webpage http://www.glumber.com  to learn more about our Teak Wood Countertops.