Transform Any Space with Wood

Jan 31, 2018

Transform Any Space by incorporating Wood Countertops, Accents, Shelves, Wall Niches into your design

Transform Any Space with Wood | Design by Bunker Workshop

Wood is the 1 ingredient that will transform your space, states Mitchell Parker of Houzz in his article The 1 Ingredient That Will Transform Your Kitchen or BathAnd of course, we couldn’t agree more! Our favorite application of wood is in the form of countertops, but it can also be used in many different ways to revamp and warm up a space.

Wood Applications

Wrap Your Kitchen Island Cabinetry in Wood to Make it a Focal Point and Add Warmth

Wrapping Kitchen Island Cabinetry | Design by Tru Kitchens

Wrapping your kitchen island cabinetry adds warmth to the space while also visually making the piece the focal point of the space. Designed by Todd Wiley, Tru Kitchens, designed this transitional space to have a kitchen island wrapped in Walnut. A Walnut kitchen bar top matches the island and provides a seating area.

Custom wood wall niche creates a level of privacy and adds warmth to the space

Custom Wall Niche | Design by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Incorporating a cool wall niche into a space creates a cozy and unique area. Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath designed this Asian-inspired bathroom with a custom Teak wall to match the vanity top and bath tub and add a level of privacy.

Open Wood Shelves add warmth and provide plenty of storage space with easy access

Open Shelves | Design by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful KOTY 2017

Open shelves expose the American Black Walnut in this kitchen design by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful magazine’s Kitchen of the Year 2017. Weaving in wooden accents is a relatively quick and easy way to add warmth and these ceiling-high pantry shelves do just that.

Make Support Columns part of the design by wrapping them in wood

Wrap Support Columns | Design by Kitchenscapes

Kitchenscapes incorporated a support column into the design by wrapping it in Walnut to match the custom walnut countertop on the bar.

There are many different ways to incorporate wood into a design to completely transform the space. Whether it is intending to add warmth, storage or a unique niche, wood is a versatile material that is used to transform any space. See more designs by visiting the Grothouse Countertop Image Library and by liking Grothouse on Facebook.

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