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Walnut Butcher Block Countertops

Walnut Butcher Block Countertops

Sep 15, 2013

Walnut Butcher block Countertops by GrothouseWalnut Butcher Block Countertops by Grothouse

Walnut butcher block countertops are a popular choice for kitchen islands.  Grothouse offers two species of Walnut, Peruvian Walnut and American Black Walnut.  Peruvian walnut countertops tend to be slightly darker than American Walnut and are a cost effective alternative to the dark, almost black tones of exotic Wenge. American Walnut with sapwood has chocolate brown tones and lighter Maple colored striations.

American Black Walnut Butcher Block Countertops

The large kitchen island countertop above is flanked by two raised American Black Walnut Butcher Blocks of end grain construction.  The foundation of the countertop is constructed of American Cherry with a double border of Wenge and American Black Walnut. View this page https://www.glumber.com/image-library/walnut-cherry-wenge-butcher-block-countertop-pennsylvania/ for more details about this design.

Peruvian _Walnut _Countertop_Grothouse2

Peruvian Walnut Butcher Block Countertops

The Peruvian Walnut countertop above is Edge Grain construction. This type of walnut tends to appear darker in tones than American Black Walnut. For more information on this design visit https://www.glumber.com/image-library/peruvian-walnut-wood-countertop-in-philadelphia-pennsylvania/
Walnut butcher block countertops can be custom made to any design you desire. For pricing and additional design information visit https://www.glumber.com  If you desire additional information about Walnut countertops, please fee free to comment on this post. We will respond to your questions promptly.

About The Grothouse Lumber Company:

Established in 1994, the Grothouse Lumber Company has grown to become one of the most technically advanced and creative manufacturers in the wood surfaces market. Each custom-built top can be configured with  a myriad of available options, including 60+ wood species, and 30 edge profiles. Our specially-formulated Durata; permanent finish is one of the most durable and reliable protective coatings currently available on the market today.

Our Commitment to Customers:

At Grothouse Lumber, customer service is more than just a catch phrase; it’s at the very core of our business philosophy. We’re not only committed to producing the highest quality wood tops in the industry, we’re obsessed with ensuring that each and every customer receives the personal attention they deserve.

From our same-day quote response to our fast 2-3 week lead-time, every part of our business is focused on making sure you experience the best possible service and receive the best possible product.