Pastore Waterfall Wood Countertops by Grothouse Featured on This Old House

Jan 3, 2013

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Waterfall Wood Countertops by Grothouse were included in episode 13 of This Old House®, The Cambridge Project 2012. The countertops were an integral part of the kitchen designed by Kathy Marshall of K Marshall Design located in Wenham, MA. The Waterfall Wood Countertop graces the large kitchen island, measuring an incredible 11-1/2″ foot long and includes a beautiful Quartz inset counter that surrounds the integrated undermount sink. The countertop was constructed by Grothouse of solid Maple wood, with Dovetail Keys to enhance the mitered edges. The countertop is finished with Durata® finish, a waterproof and maintenance free permanent wood finish.

How Professionals Build Waterfall Wood Countertops Pastore™ Style

Waterfall Wood Countertops are described as having legs that extend from the countertop giving the appearance of one fluid piece. Grothouse refers to this style of countertop Pastore™. They can be tricky to manufacture as precision is of utmost importance to give the desired result. Paul Grothouse walks Norm Abram through the process on Episode 13 of This Old House®, The Cambridge Project 2012. Paul and his team of craftsmen demonstrate how the piece is assembled and finished in the Grothouse workshop.

Installing Waterfall Wood Countertops

The Waterfall Wood Countertop crafted for the large kitchen island weighs a staggering 600 pounds and getting into the narrow home takes careful consideration and an army of men to carry. Tom Silva decides the best path is to carry the countertop through a window. Tom also explains how to scribe the legs of the waterfall countertop to accommodate an uneven floor. The scribing assures the waterfall wood countertop has a level surface. The Waterfall Wood Countertop and the Quartz countertop are secured in place to form the centerpiece of the kitchen space.

Pastore Waterfall Wood Countertops by Grothouse on This Old House®Click here to view Episode 13 Pastore™ Waterfall Wood Countertops by Grothouse on This Old House

Grothouse Wood Countertops and Butcher Blocks on This Old House

This episode marks the fourth appearance for the Lehigh Valley based wood surfaces manufacturer. Grothouse produced a custom teak butcher block countertop for the Newton Shingle Style 2007 project, a Mahogany Butcher Block Countertop for the 2010 Newton Centre Project and a stunning Mahogany Plank Style Wood Counter for the Auburndale 2011 Project. “It’s an incredible honor to be included in another episode of This Old House®,” stated owner Paul Grothouse. “It is one of the most well-respected home improvement resources currently available, so for us to be considered as a supplier and participant is phenomenal.”

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