What happens at KBIS doesn’t stay at KBIS

May 10, 2023

Kitchen and Bath designers start every new year the same way – either at KBIS, reading about KBIS, or talking about KBIS

This huge and important conference is the kitchen and bath industry’s go-to event, where Kitchen and Bath designers, dealers, and media writers walk the floor looking for the latest and greatest in kitchen and bath design. This year’s KBIS did not disappoint.

For Grothouse, KBIS is a chance to showcase our exceptional craftsmanship by collaborating with well-known and highly-regarded designers and innovators. This year, Grothouse was thrilled to be a part of the launch of Monogram’s™ designer series, featuring renowned interior designer and Monogram Creative Director Richard T. Anuszkiewicz.

Engineer and designer working closely in hand, Paul Grothouse and Richard Anuszkiewicz, collaborated to bring the finest in wood craftsmanship and design to fruition.

Photo-Jan-31-2023,-9-47-27-AM (1)

This year’s Monogram Booth featured a Walnut Butcherblock table, which attendees found captivating. The exquisitely handcrafted piece was 48” x 108” with a top constructed from random mix End Grain and Walnut w/Sapwood. Thoughtfully engineered by the artisans of Grothouse, this Butcherblock table has two 47” x 73 ¼” Edge Grain shelves reinforced with a custom-designed system of wooden straps to support each shelf. The custom design was a perfect example of the high quality and exceptional craftsmanship people have come to expect from Grothouse – beautiful but also highly functional.

KBIS-2023-Monogram_Luxe-Kitchen_02-(high-res)_2 (1)

When asked about the partnership, Anuszkiewicz responded, “Year after year, Grothouse continually delivers excellence in their artistry, engineering, customer service, and quality. I dream up one-of-a-kind pieces, and Grothouse never hesitates to support the vision on time and beautifully crafted. I’m grateful to have such a valued partner.”

Over at the Belwith Keeler Décor Solutions Booth, on display was a gorgeous custom Grothouse 2” thick Anvil™ Countertop in Ferrum, finished with the proprietary Durata® Satin overcoat. With an appearance similar to rolled or cast metal, this countertop has 1/8” round-over edges and is laser-engraved with Grothouse’s Logo.

The composite substrate finish complements Keeler Brass’s new appliance pulls, creating a luxurious and distinctive appearance. It was a great collaboration with Belwith Keeler Décor Solutions and creative director Knikki Grantham, working together to think deeply about how wood and metal come together uniquely and creatively.

Given the practical limitations of working with sheet metal, you may be wondering how Grothouse can achieve curved profiles and complex shapes. Grothouse’s Anvil™ countertops are constructed of wood and coated with a finish of real metal particles, giving it a unique and sophisticated character.
With this metal finish, you get the best of both worlds. You will still see the natural grain and imperfections of the wood surface, and the metallic finish will age into a rich natural patina over time. If the designer prefers to preserve the original character of the surface, Grothouse’s DurataⓇ finish will preserve the original look and feel of the countertop.

KBIS 2023 Monogram_Luxe Kitchen_01 (high res) (1)

When we weren’t in the booths or walking the floor taking in all of the creativity and ingenuity, we were happy to see so many of our design partners and friends who we don’t get to see as much as we would like. Sharing great conversations about design and craftsmanship gives us renewed energy to keep making products to inspire how we live our life.

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We look forward to the 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas and we would love to collaborate with you on your next design project.