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Wood Backsplash by Grothouse

Wood Backsplash by Grothouse

Jul 23, 2014

Custom Wood Countertops by Grothouse can include a matching Wood Backsplash Wood Backsplashes are typically crafted in the same wood specie to create a uniform look. They are included in all types of designs.

Custom Countertop with matching wood backsplash

Custom Wood Countertop with Wood Backsplash

Wood Backsplashes | Uses

Wood Backsplashes are typically found in kitchen designs. The traditional kitchen shown below includes a Custom Cherry Wood Countertop with a matching Cherry Backsplash.

Cherry Countertop with matching Wood Backsplash

Cherry Wood Countertop with matching Backsplash

This kitchen also includes a matching backsplash around the stove.

Wood Countertop with Backsplash around Stove

Cherry Wood Countertops and matching Backsplash around Stove

The backsplash continues to another part of the kitchen.

Custom Cherry Wood Backsplash

Custom Cherry Backsplash

By adding the backsplash in multiple locations throughout the entire kitchen, a uniform look has been created.

Another traditional kitchen design includes a matching Backsplash, Wood Countertop, and Cabinetry.

Cherry Wood Countertops with Cherry Wood Backsplash

Matching Wood Countertops, Backsplash, and Cabinetry

Backsplashes can also be used to add the effect of connecting one countertop with another. The rustic kitchen shown in the image below has a raised wood countertop and a lower wood kitchen countertop. Between the two countertops is a matching wood backsplash that makes them look connected.

Wood Countertops with matching Wood Backsplash

Wood Countertops with matching Backsplash

Wood Backsplashes are not limited to kitchen designs. Echelon Custom Homes designed this Wood Bathtub Surround with a matching Backsplash.

Wood Bathtub Surround with Wood Backsplash

Wood Bathtub Surround with matching Wood Backsplash

To see more designs including Wood Backsplash visit the Countertop Image Library.

About The Grothouse Lumber Company

Established in 1994, the Grothouse Lumber Company has grown to become one of the most technically advanced and creative manufacturers in the wood surfaces market. Our custom-built wood countertops can be configured with  a myriad of available options, including 60+ wood species, and 30 edge profiles. Our specially-formulated Durata; permanent finish is one of the most durable and waterproof protective coatings currently available on the market today.