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Wood Bathroom Countertops by Grothouse

Wood Bathroom Countertops by Grothouse

Jan 30, 2013

Wood Bathroom Countertops Teak Tub SurroundWood bathroom countertops are an emerging trend, popular for vanity tops and tub surrounds. The wood adds warmth to a frequently cold space and the surfaces can be designed to fit any decor, modern, traditional and the like.

Wood Countertops for Vanities and Tub Surrounds

At Grothouse, wood countertops for vanities can be manufactured from any of the 60 wood species we stock. Our Durata® finish assures a waterproof finish, and is resistant to most chemicals found in soaps and personal products. This is especially important for tub surrounds as soaps are often placed on the tub surround surface. Tub surrounds are most commonly shaped based on a client  supplied template or CAD drawing. Our wood vanity tops arrive with the sink and faucet cut outs sealed with Durata®, assuring protection from a leaky faucet or sink. The finish used on vanity tops is of the utmost importance and we created Durata® wood countertop finish to offer a lifetime of protection for wood bathroom countertops.

Best Wood Species for Wood Bathroom Countertops

A common design dilemma is selecting the best wood for the bath environment. At Grothouse the wood choice is not integral to the performance of the surface in the wet environment, as our Durata® finish provides the necessary protection.  If you desire a surface that does not have Durata® finish, Burmese Teak is your best choice. This particular species of Teak is grown in sandy soils and the silica that is in the wood provides additional waterproofing.  Burmese Teak is the wood of choice for yachts and boats. Do not confuse Burmese Teak with other Teak sub-species as they do not have the natural waterproofing as Burmese Teak.

For more information on Wood Bathroom Countertops visit our web page https://glumber.com/wood-countertops/wood-bathroom-countertops/