The Exquisite Beauty for Your Countertops


Bolivian Rosewood is a remarkable wood known for its exceptional density and rich coloration.

With its captivating range of hues, from medium to light browns to almost black brown and purple, Bolivian Rosewood adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any space. Let’s delve into the fascinating characteristics and uses of Bolivian Rosewood in countertop applications:

Bolivian Rosewood boasts a dense and varied figure, making it a highly desirable choice for woodworking projects. Its striking color variations and distinct black striping patterns create a visually stunning effect. Bolivian Rosewood Wood Countertops showcase the wood’s natural beauty and add a touch of luxury to both residential and commercial settings.

Alternate Trade Names:

Bolivian Rosewood is known by various trade names, including Morado, Santos Rosewood, Pao Ferro, and Brazilian Ironwood. These names reflect the different regional variations and specific species within the Bolivian Rosewood family.


Bolivian Rosewood is primarily sourced from Bolivia, Brazil, and other regions of Central and South America. The wood’s origin adds to its exotic allure and contributes to the uniqueness of each piece.


The color palette of Bolivian Rosewood ranges from warm red-brown to dark brown, with stunning variations in between. Its natural richness and depth of color make it a focal point in any space, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication.


The grain of Bolivian Rosewood is very dense and exhibits a varied figure. This unique characteristic contributes to its overall visual appeal, as medullary rays are often visible in sawn lumber and furniture. The interplay of grain patterns adds depth and interest to the surface of Bolivian Rosewood Wood Countertops, making them truly captivating.

Janka Hardness:

With an impressive Janka hardness rating of 2400 and a density of 55 lbs/ft3, Bolivian Rosewood showcases exceptional durability and strength. Its robust nature allows it to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas, ensuring longevity and beauty for years to come.

Versatile Uses:

Bolivian Rosewood finds diverse applications in the woodworking industry. It is commonly used for crafting exquisite furniture, cabinetry, and flooring. The wood’s exceptional density and beautiful coloration also make it a preferred choice for handgun grips, the back and sides of acoustic guitars, and even aircraft interiors. The versatility of Bolivian Rosewood allows it to shine in various contexts, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to any design project.

Bolivian Rosewood Facts:

Beyond its exquisite appearance, Bolivian Rosewood holds a special place in the world of woodworking. It has been used to create stunning Bolivian Rosewood Butcher Block Countertops, as showcased in the collaboration between Grothouse and Donna Venegas of Venegas and Company. The wood’s versatility has also made it a favorite among designers and craftsmen seeking to create unique and visually striking pieces.

Incorporating Bolivian Rosewood countertops

Into your space elevates it to a whole new level of luxury and sophistication. The wood’s dense grain, striking color variations, and remarkable durability make it a standout choice for those seeking a distinctive and visually captivating focal point.


Explore our gallery for inspiring images of Bolivian Rosewood countertops and witness the exceptional beauty and versatility of this remarkable wood species. Let Bolivian Rosewood become the centerpiece of your design vision, reflecting your style and adding an element of opulence to your living environment.



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