Unleash the Exotic Beauty in Your Countertops


Bubinga Wood is an exquisite hardwood renowned for its beautiful natural figure and captivating grain patterns.

With its distinct characteristics and rich coloration, Bubinga adds a touch of elegance and African charm to any space. Let’s explore the remarkable features and versatile uses of Bubinga Wood in countertop applications:

Bubinga Wood boasts a stunning natural figure that captivates the eye. The grain of Bubinga is typically straight or interlocked, enhancing its visual appeal. The wood exhibits distinct annual rings and produces a remarkable figure, making it a true standout in woodworking projects. Bubinga Wood Countertops take stain easily and polish to an excellent finish, showcasing the wood’s inherent beauty.

Alternate Trade Names:

Bubinga Wood is known by various trade names, including African Rosewood, Akume, Ovang, Waka, and Guibourtia. These names reflect the different regional variations and specific species within the Bubinga family.


Bubinga Wood primarily hails from Central and West Tropical Africa, where it grows abundantly. Its origin contributes to its exotic allure and unique character.


The color palette of Bubinga Wood ranges from red-brown with light red to purple veins, creating a visually striking appearance. The interplay of colors adds depth and complexity to the wood’s overall aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for creating eye-catching countertops.


The grain of Bubinga Wood is typically straight or interlocked, further enhancing its visual appeal. The distinct grain patterns and figuring create a sense of movement and depth, adding character and uniqueness to Bubinga Wood Countertops. Each piece showcases the wood’s natural beauty and tells its own story through its grain.

Janka Hardness:

With a Janka hardness rating of 1980, Bubinga Wood exhibits remarkable strength and durability. Its sturdy nature ensures that Bubinga Wood Countertops can withstand the demands of daily use, providing longevity and beauty for years to come.

Versatile Uses:

Bubinga Wood finds a wide range of uses in the woodworking industry. It is highly prized for sliced decorative veneers used in cabinets and paneling. Bubinga Wood’s unique characteristics also make it a favored choice for turnery, boatbuilding, flooring, and even knife handles. In the realm of musical instruments, Bubinga Wood is highly sought-after, known for creating a mellow and well-rounded sound. It is used in the construction of acoustic and electric guitars, as well as drum shells. The luxury vehicle industry, such as Lexus, also incorporates Bubinga Wood into their vehicles, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Bubinga Facts:

Bubinga trees typically grow to a maximum height of around 70 feet (21 meters), with trunks reaching diameters of approximately 4 feet (1.2 meters). The wood’s striking appearance and unique properties make it highly coveted in various industries. Sliced decorative veneers derived from Bubinga Wood find their way into high-end cabinets and paneling, adding a touch of luxury. It is also widely used in turnery, boatbuilding, flooring, and knife handle production. Renowned bass guitar manufacturers, such as Warwick Bass and Ibanez, utilize Bubinga Wood in their instruments to achieve a mellow and well-rounded sound. Additionally, Bubinga Wood is revered in the automotive industry, with luxury carmakers like Lexus incorporating it into their vehicles for its exquisite appearance and exceptional qualities.

Incorporating Bubinga Wood countertops into your space brings a sense of exotic beauty and sophistication. The wood’s unique grain patterns, rich coloration, and remarkable durability make it a standout choice for those seeking a distinctive and visually striking focal point.


Explore our gallery for inspiring images of Bubinga Wood countertops and witness the exceptional beauty and versatility of this remarkable wood species. Let Bubinga Wood become the centerpiece of your design vision, reflecting your style and adding an element of African charm to your living environment. With Bubinga Wood countertops, you can create a space that truly stands out, combining natural elegance with exceptional functionality.

Feel free to browse through our selection of Bubinga Wood countertop options and see how this remarkable wood species can elevate your kitchen or bathroom design. Let the beauty and allure of Bubinga Wood bring a touch of Africa into your living space, creating an atmosphere that is truly captivating and unique.


Due to the high demand and limited availability of Bubinga Wood, please contact us for more information on its availability and lead times. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect Bubinga Wood countertop for your project.

We invite you to experience the timeless beauty and unparalleled quality of Bubinga Wood. Let us help you bring your design vision to life with our exquisite Bubinga Wood countertops, crafted with precision and passion. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and discover the extraordinary beauty of Bubinga Wood for your countertops.


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