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Wood Countertops for Laundry Rooms

Wood Countertops for Laundry Rooms

Apr 3, 2019

The primary function of a laundry room is to serve as the perfect place to wash, dry, store and iron. The most important part of a laundry room, aside from the washer and dryer (of course), is a place to store and fold. For many years we have seen designers incorporate Wood Countertops for Laundry Rooms.

Why? Well to start, wood countertops are a naturally warm surface. They are the perfect welcoming spot for your freshly, clean laundry. Conversely, wood countertops are very easy to clean, so they can just as easily welcome your dirty laundry. Wood countertops double as a prep zone and a wash and dry zone.

One of the greatest benefits to adding a Grothouse wood countertop into a laundry room is the exclusive Durata®  Finish. Not only is it permanent and waterproof, but it is also impervious to most household chemicals. Water left on the surface simply dries with no water rings, red wine, vinegar, alcohol, soaps and coffee will not affect the finish. Durata® is not affected by these chemicals, providing a worry free finish.

Designs with Wood Countertops for Laundry Rooms

We have seen laundry rooms of many styles that incorporated wood countertops into their designs. To start, we’re showing off this Reclaimed Oak wood counter designed by This Old House for Idea House 2018 located in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Custom Reclaimed Oak Wood Countertops for Laundry Rooms with Blue Cabinetry Design

Design by This Old House | Nat Rea Photography

Creating the perfect laundry station, the Reclaimed Oak counter is finished with Durata® in Matte sheen.

Walnut Wood Countertop for a White and Green Laundry Room in Hawaii

Design by Archipelago Hawaii

Archipelago Hawaii designed a long Walnut wood countertop measuring 144 inches for this bright laundry room.

Walnut Wood Countertops for Laundry Rooms with White Cabinetry and Wood Flooring

Design by Archipelago Hawaii

Finished with Durata® in Matte sheen, the Walnut countertop is the perfect place to fold, organize, store clothes and more.

Maple Wood Countertop for a Laundry Room and Kitchen All in One Area

Design by Chris Greenawalt of Bunker Workshop

Chris Greenawalt of Bunker Workshop designed this kitchen and laundry room area to include two Maple Wood Countertops. The first Maple countertop is a half Pastore table that features a waterfall edge. This countertop was designed for additional counter space for this small area. The second Maple countertop was crafted to include a cooktop and undermount sink. Both wood countertops were finished with Durata® in Satin sheen.

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