Wood Countertops for Todays Kitchens

Mar 5, 2012

Wood Countertop Teak with Sink

At Grothouse Lumber, we collaborate with the top design firms in the United States, crafting wood countertops that create award winning kitchens. Wood countertops are a classic design element and mixing them with other modern surfaces prevents fixing your kitchen design to a specific era. Wood surfaces are attractive in contemporary, traditional and transitional styled kitchens and add warmth and function. We hope to provide inspiration and insight into using wood to compliment the design and increase the functionality of your dream kitchen.

The style of your kitchen can guide the color and style of your wood surface. For a traditional or transitional kitchen, select woods from the brown and red color palette and add a decorative edge profile. For inspiration on your edge profile, try to duplicate an element in the profiles on your cabinetry. Contemporary kitchens tend to have lighter colored islands constructed of bamboo or maple or the almost ebony look of Wenge. More modern looking countertops are often finished with square edge profiles for a crisp look.

Wood Countertop Zebrawood with Durata Finish by GrothouseThe ideal kitchen design contains more than one countertop style. Do not feel limited to select only one countertop surface for your kitchen. Experiment with combining different materials, colors and textures. Wood grain affects the appearance as well as the implied texture. A strong grained wood like Zebrawood adds texture as well and brown and black hues. When juxaposed near a stark white countertop, Zebrawood creates the desired tension of professional designs. Zebrawood countertops have pronounced black graining that accents black cabinets wonderfully. The red tones in Cherry and Mahogany countertops successfully compliment the gray and steel hued countertops and cabinetry.

Besides beauty, wood has other advantages. Consider a wood island countertop for your kitchen, a common gathering place, especially when entertaining. Wood is gentle to fine stemware and china, avoiding accidental chips, and due to its sound absorbing properties, wood quiets a room full of guests. Perimeter wood countertops often include sinks and incorporated drainboards. Finishing the wood with Durata® provides a waterproof and stain proof surface.

End Grain butcher block countertops provide a beautiful and functional work surface for cutting and chopping. End grain is a checkerboard-like construction style offering the ability to create patterns and designs. Placing two small butcher block cutting boards flanking each side of the stove or incorporated with a sink creates an efficient workspace.

Walnut butcherblock with waste hole and stainless steel lid, custom finger grips The Devils is in the details! For a truly unique piece, personalize your wood surface by incorporating custom elements. Laser engrave a treasured phrase or your family name on the side of a thick chunky butcherblock. Drain boards and custom waste holes are popular features. Removable knife slots are great if you change your knife sets frequently, just re-order a new insert designed to fit the sizes of your new set. The customization creates a functional one of a kind piece you will treasure.

 Butcherblock Table Laser Engraved Designed by Tyler Florence for House Beautiful Kitchen of the YearWarm organic wood surfaces grace the finest homes and are a part of every chef’s kitchen, with so may colors and styles available, designing the perfect piece for your space is a rewarding and creative experience. No other surface provides the warmth and natural beauty of wood.
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