Wood Desk Tops

Oct 21, 2015

Wood desk tops can be custom crafted for commercial office spaces or residential office spaces. If you have ever worked in an office, whether at work or at home, you know how influential your surroundings can be. The desk surface, in particular, plays a critical role. It should be functional, comfortable, and customized to fit your specific space.

Wood Desks custom crafted by Grothouse for commercial offices and residential offices

Wood Desk Tops custom crafted by Grothouse

Wood has been used as desk tops for years. Wood is a warm, comfortable, and natural material, yet it is strong and sturdy. Grothouse wood tops can be finished with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish. Durata® Finish is significantly harder than Tung Oil Urethanes, and creates a scratch resistant and waterproof surface. Water left on the surface dries with no water rings. It is also highly chemically resistant. Click here to learn more about Durata® Finish.

Wood Desk Tops | Design Inspiration

Wood desk tops can be custom crafted to any specifications and can include a variety of functional features and options. View the office spaces below for some design inspiration.

Walnut Wood Desk Tops for residential home offices

Walnut Desk Top designed by Lobkovich

Lobkovich designed this Walnut desk top for a residential office space. The top is 2 inches thick by 25 inches by 134-1/2 inches. It includes a Standard Ogee edge profile on one long side and two short sides, with square bottom edges. The desk top is sealed with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Matte Sheen.

Wood Desk Tops for commercial office spaces

Sapele Mahogany Desk Top designed by Stimmel Consulting Group, Inc.

This Sapele Mahogany desk top was designed by Stimmel Consulting Group, Inc. for an office space with traditional style cabinetry. The desk top includes a roman arc with notched corners and a Standard Roman Ogee edge profile. It is sealed with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Satin Sheen.

Custom wood desk tops for small spaces

Custom Desk Top

This is not your ordinary office desk top, but rather a photographer’s desk top. This top was custom crafted to fit in the small space and allow for enough room for big photographs to be viewed.

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