Wood Counter Tops Are Rediscovered

May 15, 2012

Experts in construction and related businesses are always looking for the next big trend in the building industry. Kitchens, in particular, make a great place to try out new and exciting ideas for counter tops. Who would’ve thought that wood counter tops, one of the oldest building materials, would turn into the next ‘in’ design style?

Through the booming ’90s, some great counter tops were made of tile. That progressed into stone tiles and, almost overnight, into granite cut tiles. However, even the pristine nature of granite slabs can become out-of-date and monotonous when overused.

In the age of sustainability and durability of products, wood products can certainly be a prominent eco-friendly choice. One of the many reasons is because of the excellent durability and versatility of wood. With proper forest management initiatives that are in place, wood can be a more sustainable product to utilize versus solid surfaces that are harvested from deep within the Earth. Also, wood provides an almost limitless variety in materials from local hardwoods to worldwide favorites like flat grain bamboo or zebra wood.

Zebrawood  Wood Counter top

Zebrawood Wood Counter top

Wood also has many practical advantages as well. End grain construction has typically been used for cutting boards with good reason. Not only is it extremely durable, but it is also very forgiving of cutting and scratch marks.  The porous nature of wood has also been proven to be more sanitary than even plastic in kitchen cooking areas.  Plus, with proper care, a wood kitchen counter top will last for many decades, making it a viable investment for any home or business owner.

With an endless array of styles available, many home and business owners are finding wood is the best choice for their kitchen counter tops. From light wood varieties to darker custom finishes, and many different styles in between, wood offers an endless assortment of choices. With added options, drain boards and cutting boards can be incorporated right into wood kitchen counter tops.

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